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Sony Xperia Xa review

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Update: We're still waiting on Android Nougat to land on the Sony Xperia XA, but we're told that it's still on the way. Unfortunately, it's one of the final phones in Sony's line of supported devices to receive the software. Even the Sony Xperia Z3+ has Nougat already.

However, it's not all alone in waiting. The larger Sony Xperia XA Ultra has yet to receive the update either.

We just wonder if it will come before the newer Sony Xperia XA1 launches. Debuted at MWC 2017, Sony's latest low-end phone looks similar to last year's XA, but features Nougat out of the box, as well as USB-C and other improvements.

Original review follows below.

When it comes to phones, mid-range is the new high-end. 

Their cameras are already better than the knackered old THAY MAN HINH SONY XA Canon in the cupboard and you'll often be hard-pressed to notice the difference between a mid-level phone and a top-end one in day-to-day use.

The Sony Xperia XA is the most accessible phone in the X-series line-up too. 

Sony Xperia XA price and release date

Cheapest phone in Sony's newest Xperia X range

Quite a low price at $279 (£229, AU$389) but even cheaper some places

The Xperia XA price launched at $279 (£229, AU$389) with the XA is as the most affordable phone in them Xperia X range. In the UK we've seen the price of the Xperia XA drop down to £199.99, which is even better than before.

It's a great price compared to the Xperia X, which is $549.99 (£400), and the $699/AU$999 Xperia X Performance. The Xperia XZ $699.99 (£549) and the Xperia X Compact $499 (£359) have now also fleshed out the rest of the Xperia X line up.

Those in the US also have access to the Xperia XA Ultra at $300. However, you can get better phones at the price, and aside from the pleasant design few elements truly excel, while battery life is dismal.


One of the slimmest Sony phones ever at 7.9mm

Edge-to-edge display gives it a unique look

Don't dunk this phone - it's not waterproof

The Sony Xperia XA has a design emerging as a common standard for mid-price phones out to avoid feeling cheap. It's a mostly-plastic device, with some bits of metal tacked-on.

There's a slight act of self-deception involved here. The idea is that because the sides of the Xperia XA are metal, you get some of that high-end feel while only using about 10 per cent of the more expensive materials.

Guess what: you do. While it's nowhere near as nice-feeling as a OnePlus 3 (not even close), the logic makes sense. Put the fancy-feeling bits by your fingertips, the most sensitive parts of your hands.

To get specific, only the left and right sides are aluminum. The top, the bottom and the back of the Xperia XA are all-plastic.

The other fancy part is the curved glass on top of the display. You'll often see this referred to as 2.5D glass, meaning its edges are rounded-off. It's not flat-out curved like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It softens the feel, but must come at barely any premium at all given how many cheaper phones use this glass.

Sony's burning of the Xperia Z branding with the new X range may make you think there are grand changes in this year's Sony phones, but there aren't. The Sony Xperia XA is formed of compacted Z-series ashes. 

It's very slim, and has what Sony used to call an OmniBalance setup where the power button sits almost in the middle of the phone's side.


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je ne comprends peut être pas très bien votre langue mais je pense que ce sujet veut parler de la marque de téléphone Xperia. Moi je suis plus tôt Samsung mais j'ai déjà eu à utiliser des téléphone portables Sony xperia qui sont très bien d'ailleurs. J'espère que cette offre que vous faites en vaux la peine car j'en connais qui aiment vraiment ces téléphones et ce serait un gâchis si je faisais une mauvaise pub.


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